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Tall Glass Tables

tall glass tables

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Nice Tall Grown Up Glass

Nice Tall Grown Up Glass

For years the only drinking glasses we/I had were the Macados glasses my sister gave me from when she worked there. And they are nice glasses. Just....sorta comical if trying to set a nice table. Which, is a comical statement as when in the world would I be trying to set a nice table?

Anyway, I went to one of those fancy Southern Living Home parties and the host provided us with sangria and I bought these nice big tall sweet tea glasses. Yup. I think they specified that they are for sweet tea. But they look like big tall beer glasses.

Either way, they don't have a logo on them and they look sorta nice-ish. Yay.

Frappe choco drink in transparent glass with yellow straw

Frappe choco drink in transparent glass with yellow straw

Cold coffee drink in a tall glass on a white paper coaster and a dark brown wooden table. The drink itself has a light brown color with strips of liquid chocolate and a heavy white cream topping. It also has a flexible yellow straw.

tall glass tables

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